. Given the current pandemic, we are flexible so you can decide how many vehicles your team would like to use. We request that only those vehicles with runners park at the transition point.   Still Have Questions? Please email info@rockthecreekrelay.com and we will be happy to help you out!  


Volunteers- we always need you! We can always use a few good volunteers!  We will give you a great t-shirt and feed you.  And, we’ll make a $25 contribution to either Hope Connections for Cancer Support, or District Triathlon or Team Red, White and Blue – your choice – for every hour you work, to honor your efforts. If you are …

Race Results & Photos

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Other Relay Options

I Found Freddy is a game.  It is a fun game.  It is quirky, and offbeat, and different. Freddy is a flamingo.  Make sure you know that.  He has been called lots of other names and confused with lots of other animals.  It’s important to know Freddy’s origin if you’re going to succeed at the game.  Freddy has some skeletons …