Running Our Mouths: Relay Ramblings

relay ramblings4Hello and welcome to the American Odyssey Relay’s brand spankin’ new blog – a place where we can ‘run our mouths’ when we aren’t running our bodies and discuss our favorite subject – all things relay!

Our upcoming posts will range from serious informational topics such as how to choose a relay (translation: why you should choose the American Odyssey Relay over the bazillion competing spring races) to deep, thought-provoking questions (what’s the best way to decorate your van so that it is amusing yet doesn’t offend someone’s grandmother?), to guest blogs designed to give you some personal insight into the ‘feel’ of the American Odyssey Relay (such as My Personal Odyssey – How I Survived the Snoring in the Boonsboro Gym).

Our hope is that this blog will be more of a discussion than just reading material to pass the time until the next American Odyssey Relay (speaking of waiting for next year, did you see the gorgeous ticker on the bottom of our website, by the way? It’s mesmerizing…) So we welcome–hell, maybe even beg for (we’re not that proud)–your input/feedback/comments/whatever you’ve got. Let’s make Running Our Mouths a conversation – a true team effort to spread the word about relays and why they are even better than…sexchocolate…ummm….you tell us! Comment with “The American Odyssey relay is better than ______.” (And explain, if necessary). If it rings true and makes us laugh (and doesn’t offend someone’s grandmother), maybe you’ll star in an upcoming blog post!

Until next time, happy running…