Ten (OK, 12) Reasons Why You Should Register for the American Odyssey Relay

car paintnevernudes

12. You’ll get to use that cool car window paint.



11.  Chance to practice other critical skills in addition to running.



10.  Great training for the next major hurricane or other mass evacuation.


van3in the van

9.  What happens in the van stays in the van (we hope!)



8.  Freddy is everywhere.  Freddy sees everything.



7.  Cows.



6.  When the hell else can adults nap in public during the day?


beerbeer shirt1

5.  After being up for 36 straight hours and running 15-20 miles, you’ll understand our one beer limit!



4.  Even so…you’re bound to see things that will make you wonder if you’ve actually had more than just one beer.


weird3hot women2bobcrop

3.  Hot men.  Hot Women.  Race Director Bob.



2.  Other forms of unbelievably ridiculous gorgeousness.



1. It’s great to be a 40-year old (or any age!) relay  virgin! First time registrants will receive a $120 discount if they sign up by 12/31, using code New16!! Make someone proud – REGISTER TODAY!

Which of these reasons is YOUR personal favorite?  Let us know by commenting below…or give us your OWN reason, if you’ve got one!