The American Odyssey Relay

T2V2-SpiritHave you been missing:

  • The best relay course developed by runners for runners?
  • The only relay course that allows the runners from van one to interact with the runners from van two for several hours at the Odyssey Oasis?
  • The most hands on relay race directors who greet you at various transitions and other spots along the course?
  • The amazing personal touch that is so often missing in races these days?
    • Race directors who answer your emails
    • Race directors who talk to you for as long as you want and even offer to match you with other teammates if you are short a runner or two
    • Race directors who know your name
  • The most fun you will ever have running?

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our website. Read the testimonials. Look at the pictures. Join us. We’ll roll out the red carpet!

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